Mini Ramp (pre-order)

Mini Ramp (pre-order)

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Lightweight GFRC*  Half Pipe / Mini Ramp  :

UPDATE: V1-single mesh grid support. V2 - 2 mesh grid, and fiber filled backer coats.

V2 Details: Reinforced with 2 fiberglass mesh/grids and backer coated with two different kind of chopped fibers. All fibers are embedded inside and invisible on surface.  This adds a degree of flexural strength that regular concrete mix designs do not have. It is designed to hold together even if it cracks. The support tubes are reinforced with steel wire and glued on with a super strong semi-flexible construction adhesive. 

16” x 10” x 4” ≈ 10 pounds. 

Pre-order V.1: estimated arrival time is February 1-7. 

Pre-order V.2: to be announced

Professional fingerboard ramps handmade in USA.

*Glass fiber reinforced concrete