How long do orders take to send out?

Orders can take up to two weeks. I make the order as I receive them. I like to take time for each order, as if I were making it for myself.

When is the next drop going to be?

I try to keep it consistent with releases twice a month. Keep up to date from my instagram. @goodeveningconcrete

Damaged Item Policy

If a ramp has been damaged during shipment please contact me immediately at goodeveningconcrete@gmail.com with photos of the damage. Often these can be fixed easily with super glue. The broken off bit often will glue back on clean like a puzzle piece.

If the ramp is still fully functional I can replace it for shipping cost ($10-15).  If the damage renders the item unusable a full replacement will be issued. 

Note, each damage claim is assed individually and is subject to varied compensations. All sales are final.


Q. "My curb cracked, can I get a replacement?"

A. "There is steel wire inside the curb so it wont fall apart and it's still totally functional."