Contact: goodeveningconcrete@gmail.com

Material overview:

Good Evening Concrete is dense, strong, and steel wire (rebar) reinforced when needed. The pieces do not chip or wear down significantly from normal fingerboard use.  Colored concrete is pigmented and will not fade off.   

Fragile! Please, Handle the items with care and move them around slowly and surely.  If a piece is dropped or transported improperly it may be damaged.

When taken care of, they'll maintain their quality for a very long time! Concrete has been around since the Roman Empire and many buildings they made, especially the interiors, are intact and/or in perfect condition to this day! 

    "Good Evening Concrete is handmade concrete shapes by Ricky Lind in Northern California near San Fransisco.  Mr. Lind began work in 2015 to create the most durable and unique fingerboard obstacles he'd ever seen.  A year later, 2016, Good Evening prototypes became official, stamped, and shipped out to be enjoyed across the world. The community of fingerboarding seemed surprised and delighted with the curiously functional shapes.  

    2019 - He continues his concrete work with new designs and has begun releasing projects in different mediums. He loves concrete, music, and paint. They're like sidekicks to his super hero, The Skateboard. Skateboarding for 15 plus years, he worships and respects it. The friends, pain, good times, and guidance that skateboarding has given him seems irreplaceable and holy." - Chuck Denim Jr.