Real skateboarding spots influence my designs, but I do not try to imitate them.  I like to imagine these designs may be found in future architecture or will pop up in skate parks years from now.  It is not my mission to copy, but to make something new.

    Your ramp will acquire a unique signature depending on how you skate it.  Silvery-gray marks of usage will build up, eventually resembling and feeling like a well-seasoned, realistic skate spot. Except this time, you own that spot and were first to skate it.

    Fingerboarding is simply a tiny skateboard controlled by your fingers.  Like skateboarding, it is not just a toy.  Both are very skillful activities that will eventually show a style specific to the individual.  It takes focus, discipline, and enjoyment to progress in either.  The difference is that one involves physical exertion and risk to the human body.  Skateboarding experience is not required to fingerboard.  Though when combined, the fingerboard is a tool of increasing skill, creativity, and understanding in both, safely. Tricks can and have been born in skateboarding through a fingerboard.  


For more info please contact goodeveningconcrete@gmail.com


Good Evening Concrete characteristics - 

     - smooth

     - steel reinforced

     - professional grade strength concrete


Additional Info:

-My product is hand made so visual textures, details, and stamp color may vary slightly.

-Good Evening's will not chip from proper use (fingerboarding 24/7)

-Handle with care, improper use and handling may result in a chip. 

-I use recycled news-paper as packaging material.

-Every order comes with stickers 

       *paints or enamels are never used as a finish (your grinding pure concrete)

       *safe-to-handle, finished, and sealed concrete fingerboard ramps.

       *natural, non-toxic finishing sealers

Thinking of making your own concrete ramps? Please read carefully-

Concrete is not a friendly material to work with and can be hazardous to your health. Take proper safety precautions if you decide to work with it.