Dense Volumes

Dense Volumes

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Dense Volumes by Ricky Lind is a 48 minute album of music pressed into a cassette tape. 

It was released March 15, 2019 by Become Eternal Records 

Desciption below written by Become Eternal:

"I (expletive) hate being bored."...Ricky proclaims on the steamy opening cut of his debut cassette, DENSE VOLUMES. This is a prologue from the lamenting NorCal artist that he has in fact, battled through the boredom, and with great success. Sultry beats with Casio ticks and blips aim at the heart of the head nodder. Downtempo moments come and go throughout and feel like lazing in a field of flowers. Ricky is a chef that has cooked his own brand of electro-acoustic alchemy, all syrup-tinged and dusted with sprinkles. And to think, this is his first musical offering. We hope it won't be his last. An edition of 50 smoke tinted cassettes with gold imprinting were made for the people.

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